How to Build a Customer-Focused Business

Providing excellent help desk service is vital to ensuring that new customers become repeat customers. It also makes it easier for you to attract new ones when they write a great review or recommend your company in other ways, including word of mouth or social media. Poor service can not only cost you existing customers, but it can also hurt your attempts to attract new ones because unhappy customers have the same power as happy ones to pass along a review. So, how can your company ensure it is providing great help desk/customer service? It starts with your employees.

Employees Come First

Can unhappy workers make your customers happy? Probably not. That’s why it’s essential that your company puts its employees first. Treat them well and give them reasons to stay. Along with offering perks (if possible) and benefits such as health insurance, keeping employees happy means engaging them in their jobs, making them part of the company’s success and supporting their professional growth.

Hire the Right People

Look for those who have the right attitude, not just who will be a good fit or who has the best skills when you’re hiring new workers. Give job candidates real-life examples of consumer issues and assess their answers for how they would treat your customers.

Invest in Training

Along with training on company policies and procedures, have your support representatives use and test your company products. They’ll be able to relate better to customer issues and understand better how to resolve a problem.

Empower your Reps

Give them your guidelines, but let them know they can be bent. Encourage them to be creative in finding solutions in keeping with your goal of making your customers happy. Let them know that it’s okay to say “I don’t know” if they’re not sure about something. They can ask for help or get a supervisor involved if needed, and customers won’t mind at all.

Refer Customers to Another Company

When you put the customer first, that includes sending them to a competitor if you can’t meet their needs. You may lose a sale now, but the customer will understand that you care more about their satisfaction, and they are likely to return to you in the future as someone they can trust.

Make Regular Follow-Ups

Show customers you care by following up after an issue or sale. A phone call or email lets them know you are interested in their satisfaction and value their loyalty. It also helps you gather helpful feedback that can inform your company’s goals and direction.

Customer Service Is Everyone’s Job

Remember that all employees, not just your helpdesk or customer service staff, need to embody the same philosophy of customer satisfaction above all else. Consider training all employees, no matter their rank or department, as a customer support member, so they understand the end goal and how it applies to every position. In the end, customer satisfaction is the job of everyone who works for you.

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